Discover the Benefits of the Lewis Ridge Project

Investing in the Future

Southeastern Kentucky has delivered affordable and reliable electricity to the people and businesses in the region for a long time. As coal plants in Kentucky and neighboring states are retired, we need to find new ways to store and generate electricity.

Renewable energy is one way we will meet electricity demand. Yet, renewable energy resources like wind and solar can be limited by weather, and must be paired with a storage solution to deliver electricity on-demand when we need it most.

Benefits of Pumped Storage


Provides 24/7 on-demand energy, helping ensure affordable energy prices.


Costs 20-30% less than installed lithium-ion batteries.


Facilities operational for 100+ years.


Pumped storage accounts for 93% of US utility-scale storage.


Generates power even during extreme weather events.

Economic Benefits

$1.5+ billion project; creates 1,500 family-wage jobs

Creates dozens of permanent jobs

Offers job training and apprenticeships

Contributes millions in local tax revenue

Helps ensure affordable energy prices